Tangent Show #36 – Fitness Trends 2020, Pinterest Trends, KDP Trends, Chinese New Year,CES and more!

13January 2020

We just launched a new experiment – our fitness research pack. Katharyne explains what it is and how to use it. Plus, we explore the Chinese New Year (Year of the Rat!), we wander around in the Pinterest Top 100 Trends for 2020, we look at Stationery Trends to be inspired by their trends of the month (and Isaac gives some insight on their art styles) and we look at what happens in Thailand when you ban plastic bags and people get ‘creative’ 😀


Fitness Pack: https://gum.co/fitnessresearch
Tangent Templates: https://templates.tangent.rocks
KDP Group: https://facebook.com/groups/amazoncreatespace

Pinterest Top 100 Trends for 2020: https://newsroom.pinterest.com/en/post/pinterest-100-the-top-trends-to-inspire-and-try-in-2020
Stationery Trends: https://stationerytrends.com/
Chinese New Year: https://chinesenewyear.net/

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