Time To Quit Stealing From Yourself

29May 2018

Stop Stealing Money from your Own Wallet

Because it is hurting you.

Are you thinking…. but wait Ankur, I am not doing that.

It is my money alright? How can I be stealing it from my own wallet?

Well – Let me explain…

When was the last time you seriously took action on something and followed through and executed it?

I get 100s of emails every week, people asking for advice on their internet marketing business…

I reply to most of them with genuine advice.

I also give them 3 things to do.

And I tell them exactly what they need to do to execute on their idea (or solve the problem).

Do you how many people write back?

Maybe 5.

What about the 95 others you ask?

They just like the IDEA of freedom and being their own boss. They are happy getting a reply from me but…


Never create that affiliate site or blog.

Never actually launch a product.

Never actually turn that idea into a software and get sales for it.

Here’s the thing…

Every time you have an idea and you don’t work on it… you are stealing money from your own wallet.

Every time you want to take action on building an online business but you don’t, you are stealing money from your own wallet…

Every time you don’t EXECUTE – you are stealing money from your own wallet.

You are literally stopping thousands of dollars from coming into your account by NOT taking action.

So here’s what you need to do…


Take action on your ideas.

Take action on that website you plan to build.

Start that blog you’ve been thinking about starting.

Make a promise to yourself, take away one weekend from your leisure time and EXECUTE on that idea.

Trust me, it will be well worth it.

Here’s how I learnt this the hard way…

I used to build niche sites back in 2006 and we built a lot of those over time.

Eventually we created a software to automate things and churn out more sites faster.

I always thought about launching that software as a product.

But I sat on it for 5 years…

I was too afraid to launch it… get out there and get paying customers for it.

In 2014, we finally launched it for the first time.

In the last 3 years.. that software has sold over 15,000 copies bringing in over $200K in revenue.

So, you might not know what kind of gold mine you are sitting on.

And you will not know until you go out there and actually try.

Even if you fail, learning alone from that failure will be worth 10x what you spend on buying courses and little PDFs on forums.

If you need help or advice,

I’ll be glad to help/advice you on it.

Btw this is me taking action on blogging – something I’ve promised to do for a while and never did because I thought I wasnt a good writer and one needs to write well to put it out in the world.

But today, I just said… LET’S DO THIS.

And here is a post.

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