Tips For Effective Guest Posting

26December 2018

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Guest posts do not automatically mean lots of traffic. Let’s just put that out there right away. First of all, it’s hard to get the reader to realize sometimes that the copy they’re reading isn’t by the usual author. And then you gotta make them care enough about what you wrote to click through to your own site. So instead of continuing to pitch every blog in your industry, let’s narrow your campaign and focus on a few good guest posts.

This is my advice for a better chance of return traffic with your guest posting efforts:

Most importantly, you need to DO YOU. Don’t pitch my site if you sell car insurance and are willing to write about social media marketing because you just want a link back. I don’t want you. Focus on what you know and how you can help people and only write content about that. It’s more likely to be compelling and not mediocre, which is exactly the reason you want someone to click to your site and buy your insurance.

Always look for previously written content by the host blogger that you might be able to reference with a link in your article. This will get you brownie points to encourage more traffic on their site and it shows you actually read the blog and care about the content with the way you’ve tied it together. This is a no brainer and could even be done to help you come up with a good blog topic before you make the pitch.

Be respectful of the blog’s guest posting guidelines and if you’re allowed a link back to your site within your content, make sure it’s only something that makes sense and adds value on top of the value you’re already providing. No one’s going to click a link that’s vague and slightly irrelevant and that’s only if the host blogger doesn’t reject it first. You’re main goal should be the make the content great on its own without your extra links, but if it helps the audience further that can be good as well.

Make sure there is a strong call to action in your bio! If readers made it to the end of the article, they’re probably intrigued by who wrote it. So make them really want to click to learn more about you by providing something extra in your bio besides your title. I would write “This article was written by Amy Schmittauer of Click here to find out why she thinks your videos suck.” Interesting proposal, eh?

What are your tips for effective guest posting?






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