Twitter Is Revoking Jay-Z’s G-Card After Seeing This Hilarious Photo Of Him Jet-Skiing

7July 2018

Twitter Is Revoking Jay-Z’s G-Card After Seeing This Hilarious Photo Of Him Jet-Skiing

Jay-Z doesn’t even use Twitter, but once again, he’s become the butt of Twitter jokes.
A photo of Jay on a jet ski enjoying himself and his money has resurfaced, and the internet has since taken it and run.
Maybe it’s the helmet (hey, if my head were worth $810 million , I’d wear protective headgear, too), or the dad nature he’s exuding. Either way, Black Twitter refused to let him live.
“Y’all killed x but let Zimmerman live the streets is done”
— yc (@yc) July 3, 2018 Jay Z look like Edna Mode in the last pic.
— Ani Wani ? (@justANIWANI) July 3, 2018 Jay Z is the funniest unintentionally funny person on the planet ?
— yeji ✨ (@edgyyeji) July 3, 2018 Who did it better
Like for Jay Z
Retweet for Dr. Nefario
— Caleigh O’Connor (@caleighhoconnor) July 3, 2018 One time I saw a tweet about how Jay Z looked like he’s discovering every activity for the first time and I’ve never stopped thinking about it since
— miss keisha (@theDarlingDiana) July 3, 2018
— Trav NEVER Chills (@SKTV_) July 3, 2018 why does Jay Z have on a helmet for a jet ski? omg get that man to an assisted living home already
— Robyn Flowers (@swinfrey) July 3, 2018 Jay Z: “Wheelie in traffic, I’m Philly nice.”
Also Jay Z:
— Kondwani Fidel? (@KondwaniFidel) July 4, 2018
No matter how funny the jokes are, we’re sure Hov is unfazed. The 48-year-old is flexing his commitment to the culture as the official trailer for his executive produced docu-series Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story was released on Tuesday, July 3.
He was also just spotted living his best life with his family as he and Bey prepare to wrap up the European leg of their On the Run II Tour.
A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on Jul 2, 2018 at 3:56pm PDT
No matter how much good the Jigga Man is doing, please know he’s never above getting roasted and the meme treatment by the internet.

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