Using Google Analytics with your Etsy shop. View filters, segments, and custom dashboards.

15September 2020

The next part of the “using Google Analytics in your Etsy shop” series includes a quick overview of adding a filter to your views to eliminate your own traffic, making segments to use for a quick check on certain metrics, and making custom dashboards.

Here are two Etsy custom dashboard templates I made that you can use in your own GA account 🙂

Etsy basics dashboard:

Etsy internal traffic dashboard:


00:00 Intro
01:19 Making a test view
03:50 Filtering the view to exclude your own traffic by IP address
05:06 Filtering to exclude traffic by location
11:10 Adding filters to Views on the Account level
13:10 Basics of Segments
19:20 Customizing Dashboards
26:55 Conclusion

Search query parameters to enter: ga_search_query, search_query, search?q


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