Video Do’s & Don’ts (By Matt Llloyed)

6April 2018


Short of actually meeting your customers and clients in person, having a lot of engaging videos throughout your sales process is the best way to connect and build a strong, solid relationship with them (and ultimately have them buy more from you).

Whenever you make a video, you should look right into the lens and I pretend the camera is a real live human being. Not just any human being, but the average of allthe people on your list.  Whether that’s a few dozen or several hundred thousand people, just imagine if you could condense them into one person who had the average age, occupation, thought patterns, preferences, biases, etc of the entire group.  Then speak to that person.

Never address your audience as a big group of people, like you were giving a presentation to the audience in a stadium.  Instead just talk 1-to-1.

That’s what I do.  When I make videos (or any other marketing channel, including these emails) I talk to just one person.

I try not to over-script what I’m saying, either.  The only places I used scripts are during sales videos.  Besides those, I speak off the cuff just like I would in a normal conversation.

The best advice I can give you for your video marketing sounds cliche’d but it’s true: just be yourself.

You will come across in a far more genuine, authentic, relatable way if you act like you normally would in your everyday life.

In the very first videos I used to make, I’d try to adopt my ‘internet marketing guru’ persona.  Didn’t work so well.  It felt fake, and probably looked it to. Every word had to be perfect – each time I made a mistake, I’d make myself do the entire video again.  A 5 minute video could take close to an hour to film!

At a certain point I just started being me… and cranking out a ton of videos became much easier after that.

The other word of advice I’ll give you;  just do one video a day.

Too many people go into video marketing thinking they need to do lots of videos at a time… then after a week or so, they get tired of doing all the work with no immediate pay off.  So they quit.  A year goes by, and they have less than 20 videos on their channel, and maybe a couple hundred views at most.

Instead, if you commit to doing one video a day, and you do it first thing in morning (prioritize it so it gets done during your peak creative state), you’ll find it more manageable.

Keep at it, and don’t miss a single day.  After a month, you’ll have 30 videos.  After 3 months, 90 videos.

And after a year… 365 videos.

What you’ll find is that most of those videos will not be hits.  They will not rack up a lot of views.

But, perhaps one of out 10 will perform decently.  And one of 100, will get more than those other 100 video’s views combined!

Example; in 2009 I created a Youtube channel, which you can see here.

If you go to the ‘About’ section, you can see the channel as a total of 1,261,351 views.

For the first 3 years of the channel, I would have done less than 50 videos.  That’s it.

Over the next 6 years, I went on to do thousands of them!


By just doing one video a day.

At least for most of the life of the channel it’s been one a day – the last couple of years since I ramped up the MOBE Daily videos, it’s probably 3 a day.

But you get the point.  Consistent action has led to that channel getting well over a million views.

What’s really interesting though, is that out of thousands videos… the most viewed video has got almost 15% of ALL the views – it’s close to 200k views.  You can see it here.

So you won’t always know which of those videos you upload will be the top performers.  That’s why you need to be consistent with it, and commit to doing one video a day.

Hope that helps.

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