#WeBuildWednesdays Episode 50: Link Building with LinkAssistant by SEO Powersuite

25October 2019

Video Transcription
Mike Norris: What’s going on guys, happy Wednesday! It’s Mike Norris.

Today I’m going to talk to you about an awesome tool here for link building. It’s called LinkAssistant.

Link Building
Mike: LinkAssistant is part of SEO PowerSuite- which is a whole suite of SEO tools that you could use for different functions. It’s a really great program, you should check it out.

They have free versions and trials you can do. This here, that I’m going to demo for you is a 7-day trial. We actually do use the full version here, (but) I’m using the trial version as an example because that is probably what you would be using as well!

This specific tool, LinkAssistant, is excellent because it allows you to find backlinks. Which is probably – let’s be honest – it is the most difficult part of SEO.

Anyone I talk to in the SEO field knows that finding links, link building, the act of link building, stealing links from competitors- it’s extremely difficult.

So, what this tool does is it attempts to make that a little bit easier for you.

Looking at my screen here, you’re going to see a lot of different sites. I previously ran an audit, just for the purpose of time here for this video, I’ll walk you through the entire process though!

So, what I’ve done here, what I did is – I opened up LinkAssistant. I typed in “Youtech,” I’ve used that as our main point here, and I clicked on, “look for prospects.”

What happened when I did that, it came up with a variety of different search methods. So, I can look for opportunities where we can guest post – and that’s what I clicked on.
But, I can also look for reviews, I can look for places where I can comment for my keywords, and generate backlinks that way – which is a little bit of a spammy tactic I’ll be honest – but that’s in here as well.

[Hovering over options] Opportunities for giveaways, people who own forums, people who own directories, topical blogs, find backlinks that my competitors have, or even my own backlinks – I can do all those!

So, what I did though, I clicked on “guest posting,” and I got a variety of websites here that allow guest posting. I tagged them as guest posting link building.

My next step here is that I can send a link to these people, to actually allow me to guest post.

So, what happens within this tool – and it’s really great because you can categorize everything – is you have a prospect like this threedoordigital.com.

You click on that, you click on email, and once you connect your email and everything, this gets all set up here.

It comes from you, and you’ve got these templates in here and it says, “Dear Owner of _____, I’m from Youtech.com. I came across your site, blah blah blah -”. You’re definitely going to want to personalize this email.

I get emails like this all the time – they’re super spammy – don’t send an email like this! Definitely look at the site, personalize it to the person, but you can send the emails directly through this template here – or through this platform here.

And, there are a variety of different templates. So, this is the guest posting one, there’s a product review one, link removal request one – all that.

You can customize these as well, like I said. And then, you can send them in here and it will mark them – as far as their status – it will mark that you sent that email to that person. Which is great!

Now, with this tool the one thing you’re going to want to watch out for, if you look at ‘prospect email’ here, this one is [email protected] – you’re not going to want to send that email. It’s not a real email address, but some of these do actually look legit!

[Hovering over email addresses] Like, this one looks legit, this one looks legit, this one looks legit as well. So, there are quite a few – you just need to sort through them.

You can’t get emails for every single person, so just be aware of that.

If the meta-description is coming back as, ‘NA,’ you know it’s probably not a good site.

So, it does require a little bit of manual input, it requires you to use your noggin just a little bit, make sure you’re doing the right things here.

But, it’s a great place to start, and it’s a great place to enter into linkbuilding if you don’t really know where to go from where you’re currently at.

So, I recommend it, again this is the 7-day trial you can just test it out – but I do recommend buying the full program because the whole suite of tools is just absolutely excellent!

So, thank you! Happy Wednesday!

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