Weekly Wisdom Special: What NOT to Do in 2020

31December 2019

0:08 Itamar Blauer: Don’t Create Irrelevant Content
0:53 Ross Tavendale: Get Basics Right
1:46 Jason Barnard: Don’t focus on the Blue Links
3:16 Evan Facinger: Don’t just look at your ACoS %
3:40 Evan Facinger: Don’t just reduce your bids to lower your ACoS %
4:01 Bartosz Goralewicz: Don’t go after the latest trend
5:33 Dan Petrovic: Stop Guest posting and buying links
7:14 Tony Wright: 4 things to avoid
8:38 Amy Bishop: Right Story to the right people at the right time
9:10 Dom O’Neill: Audiences are Transient

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