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12February 2018

Guest Posting Mania

Guest blogging has gone from one of the best traffic methods that provided value and traffic to a spam practice. First, many people are NO longer considering guest blogging as a way to build a buzz to their blog and when I recommend it to my clients, they don’t even consider the idea. I have to push them to write guest content and have to encourage them to find the right blogs. Secondly, authority bloggers are having a hard time finding genuine writers to post content on their blogs and when they do, they have to think hard about the main purpose of their content. They have to question if it’s…

  • High quality
  • Genuine
  • For link building
  • For affiliate commissions, etc.

I’ve had  people hand in content for my blog WITH so many links and providing no real substance. I thought long and hard about why this was the case, realizing it’s the “definition” associated with guest blogging. For example, it being considered a spam practice had decreased the effort and value people add into their content. Instead of them feeling privileged for the opportunity, they think they’re doing the blog owner a favour….LOL. Anyway, I’m actually writing this piece of content to get your opinion on guest blogging and how you think it has changed over the last couple of years. Would you recommend the practice and if so, then how would you approach searching or accepting guest blogging opportunities?

You feedback is greatly appreciated.

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