What and How To Get Free and Paid Backlinks?

26December 2019

in this video i will discuss 🤷‍♂️ What are free and paid backlinks and 🙋‍♂️ how to get them?
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👉Free Sources of backlinks:
1️⃣ Blog Comment
2️⃣ Forums
3️⃣ Profile
4️⃣ web 2.0
5️⃣: Article directories
6️⃣ PDF Doc Sharing
7️⃣ Edu backlinks
and Much more
👉What & How To Manage Social Signals:
1️⃣ Twitter
2️⃣ Facebook
3️⃣ Pinterest
👉Paid Sources of Backlinks:
1️⃣ PBN Links
2️⃣ Guest Posting
3️⃣ Link Outreach
👉Anchor Text
1️⃣ What is Anchor Text
2️⃣ Percentage of Anchor Text Ratio
👉Tips For Event Blogging:
✔What is Universal Backlinking Formula:
1️⃣ Event Blogging
2️⃣ Affiliate Blogging
3️⃣ Blogging Through Adsense
⛔Myths Of Backlinking
Sudden Drop of Ranking
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