What are ferocious pandas and penguins? #AskEmAnythingAboutMarketing

17August 2020

On today’s #AskEmAnythingAboutMarketing the question is:

What are ferocious pandas and penguins?

An #SEO question! Normally I would ask Ollie who is part of The E-Team & my go-to SEO expert for the last….many many years, but as he’s not here right now, in this video I talk briefly about what pandas & penguins are AND some basic things I’ve understood about SEO over the years from a content, technical & customer experience perspective as well as some ideas around how to create some authority.

I did forget to mention guest posting as a backlink strategy so…

It wasn’t long ago that #guestblogging was a terrific way to get #backlinks. Back then quantity ruled over quality; webmasters got rich offering guest posting services & many guest blogs were thick with useless matter.

Unsurprisingly, Google got wind of this & suddenly guest blogging was no longer an easy path to dramatically improved SEO rankings.

Today, guest posting is still a good opportunity for relevant links as guest blog articles can send quality traffic to your website and help with SEO…BUT the effort now involves getting webmasters to agree to post your content. That means crafting meaningful content that gets accepted by webmasters & their readers.

My view? Any changes that encourages great content on the internet is a good thing.

Hopefully you found this video helpful! Thank you so so much for watching!
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