What is Guest Posting? How to increase your website audience with targeted traffic

18March 2020

What is Guest Posting? Bloggers need good content. You need more Audience.

Being friends with other website owners via email, you’re going to grow your influence in the realm of social media, which means more audience.

Guest posting on other sites is five times as valuable as creating new content on your own site. Perhaps, the best part of guest posting is that it allows you to enter an already-established community, and share your message. It allows you to connect with new people, which can ultimately benefit you, if you do it right. If you’re adding value to the discussion, you’re going to see that convert over time to more readers, fans, and followers.

When I guest post for someone else, I expect following:
1. Link to the post from my blog
2. Promote it on Twitter (several times)
3. Share it on Facebook
4. Thank me
5. Stick around and respond to comments on the post.

Plus, if you’re a writer wanting to land more “traditional” publishing opportunities, this is a great first step to eventually getting your writing featured in news sites, magazines, and other publications.

It serves as a great way to start a new relationship or further an existing one. It frees up your time to reach out to new readers. Plus it brings you targeted audience to your blog.

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