Why Indians Need To Know About Bari Weiss’ Resignation From New York Times

26July 2020

Bari Weiss, who is one of the few moderately conservative voices at the New York Times, quit the newspaper, saying that Twitter had become the “ultimate editor” as vicious, progressive staffers there engage in the “new McCarthyism.” Weiss accused the Times of abandoning its journalistic principles to “satisfy the narrowest of audiences.
And it is important for Indians to understand why this is important because it confirms how organizations like the New York Times have bent the knee to the woke mob. Since Indians and Hindus have been deemed evil people by this same woke mob, the New York Times is happy to publish bigoted and Hinduphobic articles and cartoons about them.
This is a big loss for the New York Times and it will hurt their already plummeting popularity.
#Hinduphobia #newyorktimes #bariweiss
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